assignee in insolvency中文意思是什麼

assignee in insolvency解釋

  • assignee: n. 【法律】1. 受託者,代理人。2. 受讓人 (opp. assignor)。
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • insolvency: n. 無力償付債務,破產。

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  1. Ah jian is quin s live - in boyfriend. an outmoded villain, he works in a porno video rental shop which is facing its insolvency. ah chun is a lift repairer

    電梯修理員排骨仔沉默內向,生活更是過得枯燥乏味,每天最大的樂趣只是沉迷於電臺call - in和色情場所中,藉以宣洩工作上的郁悶。
  2. Contingent capital is a relatively new type of convergence product, connecting insurance and capital markets. it is based on a contractual commitment to provide capital to a company after a specific adverse event occurs that causes financial distress. and contingent capital is designed more to sustain bussiness operations after a major loss. the aim is to prevent insolvency or a theat to planned investment projects due to a lack of disposable funds. these types of solution are especially suitable for hedging against extremely rare, but severe loss events. the market for contingent capital has existed since about 1995 and consists of about 16 deals so far, totaling usd 6 billion. and in the past the main purchasers of contingent capital solutions have usually been direct insurers and reinsurers

  3. The article concerns our country ' s legal system nowadays, give a relative definition about the range of bankrupt estate and research on the handling method of bankrkupt estate nowadays, while pay more attention to discuss a few questions to settle on the bankrupt estate in our country for the sake of our perfect insolvency legal systems

  4. Chapters 2 - 4 elabrate on three kernel problems of private international law in the cooperation of the cross - border insolvency, namely, the jurisdiction of the cross - border insolvency, choice of law in the cross - border insolvency, the recognition and enforcement of foreign insolvency proceedings

  5. The operation environment of chinese life insurance companies chop and change recently, which results in the insolvency risk of whole life insurance industry