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  • assignee: n. 【法律】1. 受託者,代理人。2. 受讓人 (opp. assignor)。
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...

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  1. Article 152 the bankruptcy assignee terminates in performing its duties since the day next to the day on which the registration is cancelled

  2. Since the transfer of shares involved in the transfer of equity, the assignee and other stakeholders, multi - stakeholder, affecting the balance of the individual interests of the stability and economic order, and so they have practical importance

  3. Chapter iii makes a study on the content of the assignment contract, also it makes a research in a full scale on the legal relations between the assignor, the assignee and the debtor and on the internal and external legal validity of the assignment contract

  4. However, to bear the first transfer ( sell, trade or included ) of the remaining years of right to use the land, the assignee shall satisfy the following requirements, which the assigner shall appraise : the assignee ' s actual asset investment amount in the agreed projects hereto this contract shall be up to no less than 40 % of the agreed total asset investment amount hereto this contract ( the assignee ' s actual asset investment amount shall be rated exclusively by evaluation of asset from eligible midium agency ), and shall not alter any agreed provisions concerning outlining as well as construction hereto this contract

    但首次轉讓(包括出售、交換和贈與)剩餘年限土地使用權時,經出讓人認定,應當達到如下條件:即受讓人就本合同約定項目的實際固定資產投資額不低於合同約定的固定資產投資總額的40 % (受讓人實際固定資產投資額的確定以具有資質的中介機構出具的固定資產評估報告結果為準) ,且不得變更本合同約定的規劃及開工建設等條款。
  5. Chapter four is analysis of bankruptcy bodies in banking insolvency procedure, which including people ’ s court, banking supervision institution, assignee in bankruptcy, deposit insurance institution and meeting of creditors