assignee of registrant中文意思是什麼

assignee of registrant解釋

  • assignee: n. 【法律】1. 受託者,代理人。2. 受讓人 (opp. assignor)。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • registrant: n. (商標,專利權等的)登記者;注冊人;掛號人;被登記者;被注冊者。

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  1. The analysis on the legal position of the insolvency assignee

  2. In the case of assignment of registered bonds, the company shall record the assignee ' s name and domicile on the record of bondholders

  3. “ creditor ” includes a general creditor, a secured creditor, a lien creditor and any representative of creditors, including an assignee for the benefit of creditors, a trustee in bankruptcy, a receiver in equity and an executor or administrator of an insolvent debtor ' s or assignor ' s estate

  4. Clause 27 if subsequent to the obligee ' s assignment of its contractual right, a suit is brought to a people ' s court in respect of a dispute between the obligor and the assignee which arose from the performance of the contract, and the obligor raises a defense against the contractual right of the obligee, it may name the obligee as an interested third person

  5. A notice of assignment of rights given by the obligee may not be revoked, except with the consent of the assignee