assigning material中文意思是什麼

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  • material: adj 1 物質的(opp spiritual)。2 身體上的,肉體上的;物慾的,追求實利的;卑俗的。3 有形的,實體的...

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  1. The operating latitude of zibo zhongtai abradant and abrasive tool co., ltd : abradant, abrasive tool, carborndum stick, refractory material, manufacturing the products according to the charts and samples which were provided by the consumers, jointly manufacturing some products, jointly managing and so on

  2. Non - absorbent gripping material provides extra security for your grip

  3. Raw material for the organic compounds and pesticide ; medical media. 2. the raw material and media for oil accelerant. 3

    1 .有機合成原料,醫學中間體,農藥原料2 .石油助劑中間體及原料3 .化妝品原料
  4. When a donor or an acceptor impurity is added to a semiconductor, we say that the material has been "doped".

  5. This is simply achieved by creating a proxy monitor, and assigning our cast shadows only material to it