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  1. Studies with labelled aspartate demonstrate its ready conversion into asparagine.

  2. The ast gene was located in bac clone t13m11

    初步確定該bac克隆中的基因t13m11 . 8可能是ast基因。
  3. Regulation of excitatory amino acid release by n - methyl - d - aspartate receptors in rat hippocampus

  4. It was isolated from the brain of gryllus bimaculatus. in vitro bioassay show grb ~ ast7 greatly inhibiting jh ( juvenile hormone ) biosynthesis by insect ca ( corpora allata ). even more, comparing with other grb - asts, the halflife of grb - ast / is longer

    Grb - ast _ 7是從蟋蟀( gryllusbimaculatus )腦中分離的一種保幼激素抑制素,體外實驗顯示它強烈抑制昆蟲咽側體合成保幼激素,半衰期較其它grb - ast長。
  5. This procedure was simple, time - saving, highly sensitive and reproducible. based on the improved procedure, nearly 16, 000 cdna fragments were analyzed between the immature siliques of the wide type and ast mutant, and 28 differential cdna fragments were screened

    採用這個改良的的方法,分析了擬南芥野生型和ast突變型植株未成熟角果中16 , 000個cdna擴增產物條帶,從中篩選出28個差異條帶。