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  1. Asymptotic stability of viscous shock profiles for one - dimensional viscous conservation laws with boundary effect

  2. Focused on the asymptotic behaviour of mediant for fourth order lagrange ' s mean value theorem and obtained the main results as followed ( the equation is abbreviated )

    摘要對四階拉格朗日中值定理中間點的漸近性質進行了研究,得到的主要結果是(方程式略) 。
  3. Asymptotic stability of rosenbrock methods for system of pantograph equation

  4. In this paper, two questions on exetreme value theory are investigated as follows : i. the asymptotic properties of the large quantile and endpoint of a distribution : let { xi } be an i. i. d random sequence with common distribution f ( x ) which is unknown. denote mn ( k ) as the k - th maxima of x1 … xn

    本文對極值理論的兩個問題進行了探討:一、大分位數與尾端點的漸近性質設{ x _ i }是來自未知分佈f ( x )的i . i . d的隨機序列。
  5. These he called asymptotic solutions.