atomic attenuation coefficient中文意思是什麼

atomic attenuation coefficient解釋

  • atomic: adj. 1. 原子的。2. 極微的。3. 強大的。
  • attenuation: n. 1. 變薄,變細。2. 減少,減弱。3. 稀釋。4. 【物理學】衰減。
  • coefficient: adj. 共同作用的。n. 1. 共同作用;協同因素。2. 【數,物】系數,率;程度。

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  1. Test method for measuring the package attenuation coefficient of a sealed device for radioisotope hermetic test

  2. This method overcomes the difficult and unrealizable experiment conditions that are used to measure the absolute attenuation coefficient and impels the technique of ultrasonic characterization to be more closed to the engineering requirements and more practical

  3. Abstract : expound the component, the principle and the working process ofthe material attenuation measure device, give the attenuation coefficient calculation method

  4. Ct method uses array linear detectors to perform high - resolution tomography and yield relative image of linear attenuation coefficient

    測出的線衰減系數是相對的,成像要求高分辨。 tgs裝置用的是同軸大體積hpge探測器。
  5. Especially, the algorithm obtains the phantom ' s mass attenuation coefficient and spectrum of the ct system at the same time