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  1. And now we can undertake many nasal endoscopies surgery, such as nasal hemostasia, healing of nasal leaking of central spine fluid ( csf ), plastid of atresia of posterior naris, depression of optic nerve, excision of nasal or sinus tumor, functional endoscopy sinus surgery, combined surgery of anterior basilar tumor etc

    目前我科已進開展了鼻內窺鏡下鼻腔止血、腦脊液鼻漏的修補、后鼻孔閉鎖成形術、視神經減壓、鼻腔鼻竇良惡性腫瘤切除、鼻竇炎鼻息肉切除、 、前顱底腫瘤的聯合手術等手術
  2. Results in the 260 slices of liver biopsy, there were 20 ones of acute viral hepatitis, 78 ones of chronic hepatitis, 79 ones of hepatocirrhosis, 28 ones of primary liver cell cancer, 27 ones of liver karyon heterogeneity, 20 ones of liver metastatic adenocarcinoma, 12 ones of fatty liver, five ones of alcohol liver, three ones of liver cyst, two ones of congenital bile duct atresia, six ones of illegible structure, 20 ones without liver cell or with few scattered liver cell

  3. Clinical analysis of lacrimal duct atresia treated by circular shape silicage tube insertion

  4. She may be the first case of congenital lcx atresia proved by multislice ct

  5. Rh2l series atresia relay