aupply capacity中文意思是什麼

aupply capacity解釋

  • capacity: n 1 包容力,吸收力,收容力。2 容積,容量;【電學】電容,負載量。3 能力,才幹,本領;性能,機能。4...

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  1. Mnc knowledge transferring process study from absorptive capacity

  2. Standard practice for determination of adsorptive capacity of activated carbon by a micro - isotherm technique for adsorbates at ppb concentrations

  3. Makes general analysis and research on human visual system the characteristicness of human visual system is the process being considered firstly for every image process technology, include watermark technology, in order to join the characteristicness of hvs and the watermark technology together, this paper analyses and researches the hvs theoretics particularly firstly. it build the aesthesia models and the jnd models after discussing eyes " biology configuration particularly and expatiating eyes " aesthesia process. these works provide the foundation for the later research of watermark channel capacity and the watetmark embedding intensity. 2

  4. People now pay much attention at porous aerostatic bearing which has obviously higher load capacity and better damping characteristic and stability. there are two kinds of porous aerostatic bearing : the whole porous and partial porous

  5. The best optimum mathematical model is constituted. scalar factor of structural parameter on loop rectangular negative pressure and adsorption slide is calculated. structural parameter, air gas source pressure carrying capacity and thickness of air cell are made sure by hydrodynamics and the theory of gas lubrication