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  • aurora: n. 1. 極光;曙光,曉光。2. 〈A-〉 【羅馬神話】曙光女神。
  • zone: n 1 【地理】(地)帶。2 區域,范圍,界。3 〈古、詩〉(腰)帶。4 圈,環帶。5 【數學】(球面)帶;...
  • phase: n 1 形勢,局面,狀態;階級。2 方面,側面。3 【天文學】(月等的)變相,盈虧;【物、天】相,周相,...
  • anomaly: n. 1. 不規則,反常(現象),異常,破格。2. 畸形物。

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  1. On the bases of the galaxy evolution theory, we use the therotical chemical evolution model of three zone ( such as halo, thick disk and thin isk ) and multi - phase ( diffuse gas, molecular clouds, stars of both low and high mass, the remnants ). by comparing with the observational constraints, such assurface densities, age - metallicity relation, g - dwarf metallicity distribution in the solar neighbourhood and the correlation between [ a / fe ] and [ fe / h ], supernovae rates, infall rates. the rationality of the model is verified. based on the theory model, we calculate the abundance of neutron capture element

    本文正是在銀河系化學演化的基礎上,利用銀河系的三成分( threezone ) (即暈、厚盤和薄盤)多相( multi - phase ) (氣體,分子云,大、小質量恆星以及剩餘物質)的化學演化的理論模型,通過與觀測約束(質量面密度、場星的年齡-金屬豐度關系、太陽附近g矮星金屬含量分佈函數、三成份的特徵量、元素的星系化學演化、超新星的爆炸率、內落速率等)的比較,來檢驗模型的合理性。
  2. In chapter four, according to the analysis on the boundary theory and velocity field of main fluid zone of two - phase fluid pumps, the parameter equations of vane ' s modular curve of centrifugal pump are given, which contact the boundary " layer and eular theory of two - phase fluid pump by the fixing angel of vane as variable and leading into the velocity coefficient a. the results show that, in designing process of vane ' s modular curve of centrifugal pump, the determination of the total shape and parameters relates the flow properties of two - phase fluid and output ability of pump, or the design of the modular curve of centrifugal pump is the kernel of hydraulic design

    第四章依據固液兩相流泵的邊界層理論及對主流區速度場的分析,給出了離心泵葉片型線的參數方程;它是以葉片安裝角為參變數,以引入的速度系數k _ v作為中間因子,將兩相流泵的邊界層理論和歐拉理論聯系起來? ?它說明了這樣一個事實,在離心泵葉片型線的設計過程中,它的整個形態或參數的確定都關繫到兩相流體的流動特性和泵的輸出能力,或者說,離心泵型線的設計是其水力設計的核心。
  3. On base of results above, composite model of ssta in pacific and circulation anomaly are constructed for analysis their evolution. during mature phase of el nino usually in winter, positive ssta dominates in tropical eastern ocean and negative ssta dominates in west wind drift district in mid - latitude ocean, correspondingly the pna index of 500 hpa geopotential height is positive which means the aleutian low gets strong, and the situation is somewhat inversely during la nina phase of ssta

    合成位相反映了太平洋ssta演變特徵,以及相對應的大氣環流異常特徵:當西風漂流區處于暖態而熱帶中東太平洋海溫偏低時,合成大氣模型當中阿留申低壓減弱, 500hpapna指數為負異常;當西風漂流區處于冷態,熱帶中東太平洋處于暖態( elnino峰值?成熟期ssta典型分佈) ,合成大氣模型中阿留申低壓加強, 500hpapna指數為正異常。
  4. Analysis shows that when summer precipitation in north china is richer ( less ), tropical east pacific ssta is colder ( warmer ) phase, and slp and 500hpa geo - potential height are negative ( positive ) anomaly over the asia, west pacific sub - high is northerner ( southerner ), and block high in mid - highs latitude happens less ( more ) than normal, east monsoon is stronger ( weaker )

    分析表明華北夏季多(少)雨期,赤道中東太平洋ssta處于冷(暖)位相,在非洲大陸上slp利500hpa位勢高度均為負(正)異常,西北太平洋副高位置偏北(南) ,中緯度阻塞高壓發生頻率較低(高) ,東亞夏季風偏強(弱) 。
  5. Different zone block in the basin has different construction. cold and heat shells are at intervals. crust behaves as hot, light, flowing and thicker, however, mantle behaves as cold, weight, and harder, multi - phase and deep mantle