average amount of effective information中文意思是什麼

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  • average: n 1 平均,平均數。2 一般水平,平均標準。3 【商業】海損;海損費用;(給領航的)報酬。adj 1 平均的...
  • amount: vi. 1. 總計,共計,合計 (to)。2. 相當于,等於。3. 成為 (to)。n. 1. 總和,總額。2. 數值,量,金額。3. 結果,效果;要旨。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • effective: adj 1 有效(力)的,靈驗的;顯眼的,〈美國〉生效的,被實施的;【軍事】有戰鬥力的。2 【經濟學】實...
  • information: n. 1. 通知,通報,報告。2. 報導,消息,情報。3. 資料,知識,學識。4. 【自動化】信息,數據。5. 【法律】起訴,告發。adj. -al

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  1. Besides documents and numbers, processed data using the computer in electrical industry includes a large amount of graphic information such as equipment information and topology structure depending on geographic maps

  2. As a formal way of communication, project handbook abounds with a large amount of project information

  3. Although somebody proposes standardization for interfaces of all search engines and for document construction to solve this problem, they are not being applied extensively for a number of reasons ( e. g. a large amount of legacy information, authors unwilling to write articles complying with strict rules, etc )

    雖然有人提出查詢界面和文檔結構的統一標準來解決這個問題,但是由於各種原因(遺留信息,作者不願意遵循這些規則寫文章等) ,沒有被廣泛採用。
  4. Educational : the amount of useful information about scouting available via the internet is large and growing daily

  5. But in reality, the assumptions above are not incomplete. under the state of short - term unequilibrium, because of the lag of effective information of market resources collocation, even the distorted information, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of production factor congestion which represents the relative surplus of resource