axial compressive stress中文意思是什麼

axial compressive stress解釋

  • axial: adj. 1. 軸的。2. 成軸的。3. 軸周圍的,軸向的。adv. -ly 在軸的方向,與軸平行地。
  • compressive: adj. 有壓力的,壓縮的,壓榨的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • stress: n 1 壓力,壓迫,緊迫,緊張。2 【語音】重音;重讀;【詩】揚音;語勢,著重點。3 重要(性),重點,...

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  1. This subject is to combine the steel fiber reinforced concrete with the lightweight aggregate concrete to form a steel fiber reinforced lightweight aggregate ( haydite ) concrete, which owns the advantages of high toughness of steel fiber reinforced concrete and the light weight of lightweight aggregate concrete. in order to get the main character and mechanical property parameter of strength and deformation of steel fiber reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete, we do the experiments of cubic compressive strength, splitting - tensile strength, bending strength, elastic modulus and axial compressive strength and summarize the influence laws to the relation of mechanical performance of steel fiber reinforced lightweight aggregate and the quantity of steel fiber

  2. Axial tensile stress

  3. The characteristics of longitudinal and lateral frame columns are different from general frame columns, due to the high depth - to - width ratio of cross - sections and withstanding large vertical loads. the axial compressive ratio is a very important factor in columns design

  4. By changing the negative bias current density, gaseous ratio and total pressure, nanocrystalline diamond film is prepared by ion - assisted bombardment method at the substrate temperature of 700 ? 00 ? and mixture gaseous of ch4 and h2 the effect of growth parameters on the diamond film is studied. the diamond film presents very low compressive stress and excellent field emission character

    採用離子輔助轟擊法,以ch _ 4 、 h _ 2為源氣,襯底溫度為700 900 ,通過改變襯底負偏壓、 h _ 2和ch _ 4氣體比例以及工作氣壓,制備出納米金剛石薄膜,並對工藝參數對金剛石薄膜沉積的影響進行了研究。
  5. According to the effective field expression which has been derived in former, the phenomenon that the tangential component of magnetic leakage field has maximum value and the normal component of magnetic leakage field acquires zero value at the stress concentration zone of positive magnetostriction ferromagnetism materials under the application of tensile stress and negative magnetostriction ferromagnetism materials under the application of compressive stress is explained theoretically through analyzing and discussing