axial dispersion中文意思是什麼

axial dispersion解釋

  • axial: adj. 1. 軸的。2. 成軸的。3. 軸周圍的,軸向的。adv. -ly 在軸的方向,與軸平行地。
  • dispersion: n 1 分散,散開;散布,傳播;離散。2 【物理學】彌散,色散;【化學】分散作用;被分散物;分散相,分...

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  1. Using information of the source term ( information on the magnitude of the radiological release, including the amounts, types and ratios of the released radioactive materials ) and meteorological conditions, the acas models the transport and dispersion of the released radioactive materials and predicts the radiation dose to the public

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  3. Taking the andalusite from south africa and alumina fiber as raw materials, adding aluminum sulphate as binder, fabrication and properties of alumina fiber reinforced andalusite composite was studied through wet dispersion, mould pressing and sintering processes

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