axial inflow velocity中文意思是什麼

axial inflow velocity解釋

  • axial: adj. 1. 軸的。2. 成軸的。3. 軸周圍的,軸向的。adv. -ly 在軸的方向,與軸平行地。
  • inflow: n. 1. 流入,注入。2. 流入物。3. 內流,吸入,吸風。
  • velocity: n. 1. 迅速;快速。2. 速度,速率。3. 周轉率。

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  1. The influence of inflow velocity, the baffle body height and the clapboard position on the flow velocity, flow equilibrium between the two sides of the clapboard, particle distribution, rich / lean concentration ratio and flow resistance characteristic are studied numerically

  2. In different in terne die travel, the metal flow characterize in warm extrusion forming processes and the affection for the flow of metal stage which made by the difference between the blank bottom altitude and the axial direction limiting size in warm extrusion forming technique have been analysed we have gotten the equivalent strain field and the velocity field and other field variable that the blank in different in terne die travel and the die travel - load curve. at the same time, we have analyzed the contributing factor for the oil pump stator forming process optimized and achieve thereasonable die parameter for the war m extrusion forming finally, the optimized technics parameters were used into pilot production, then the qualified oil pump stator forging were produced, the analog results were compared with those of pilot production

  3. The effect of air distributor on the flow fields was studied with emphasis. the working conditions of the bubble column simulated in the numerical study were as same as in the experiments. the velocity profile at axial direction showed a peek in the center, and a backward flow near the wall when usl / usg < 19. 6

  4. Based on the review, the fluid flow and heat transfer in the curved circular and rectangular pipes have been researched by employing perturbation method and numerical simulation with a physical model under the rotational orthogonal curvilinear coordinate in a rotating curvilinear pipe with multi - parameters. we firstly analyzed the fully developed fluid flow and heat transfer, mixed convection heat transfer, the development of flow and heat transfer in the inlet in different cross section ( circular, elliptical, annular and rectangular crossection ). the variations of the secondary flow, axial velocity, distribution of temperature, the friction force on the wall, the ratio of friction factor as well as the nusselt number with different dimensionless parameters had been examined in detailed

  5. ( 2 ) a series of experiments on time scale distortion are made with real river model, inflow and outflow boundary condition, and continuous simulation. by means of analysis of the experimental data on model water level, water - surface gradient, cross velocity, outflow discharge process and the sediment transportation capacity, the main physical reasons for the above hydraulic parameters deviations caused by time scale distortion are illustrated : response delay of model channel storage capacity and rate of water level with time

    ( 2 )採用真實的河工模型和入出流邊界控制條件以及連續模擬的方法進行了有關時間變態率的系列試驗,通過模型水位、比降、流速、出口流量過程線和斷面挾沙力試驗資料的分析,闡明了時間變態引起上述各種水力參數偏離的主要物理原因:模型的槽蓄響應和洪水過程時間變化率的響應滯后。