ayq ayers rock中文意思是什麼

ayq ayers rock解釋

  • ayers: 艾爾斯
  • rock: n 1 巖,巖石,磐石,巖壁;卵石;〈常 pl 〉〈美口〉石子兒;暗礁,巖礁。2 〈the R 〉直布羅陀 (Gibr...

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  1. Mobile front-bucket loaders often suffice for handling and retrieving rock in a-frame structures.

  2. Factors restricting widespread application of controlled rock gangway abruption blasting technology and countermeasures

  3. The rock walls sometimes supply heat, sometimes absorb it.

  4. This thesis tries to solve the problems in the design and construction of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station. a typical section is selected to analysis seepage, seepage control and fem numerical simulation. the influence of different plans of excavation and support on seepage field of subsurface water and stability of adjoining rock are studied. the homologous support pattern is suggested according to the research results

  5. This park, formerly called uluru ( ayers rock mount olga ) national park, features spectacular geological formations that dominate the vast red sandy plain of central australia