az zintan中文意思是什麼

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  1. Thu 1 az alkmaar vs nac thu 2 deportivo vs sevilla

  2. Razer tergum was an excellent desert survivor there before az animated her

  3. In a forbidden black magic rite, he touched az by accident, and young dutin dared to ask az for power

  4. The difference among the elasticity modulus of various microstructures is probably the main reason, which caused the experiment results above. under the same experiment conditions, such as sample shape, size, surface roughness, establishment of testing system, pressure on the probe, and thickness of coupling medium, the variety of relative attenuation coefficient ( or ) in different heat treatment samples is measured and compared by measuring the attenuation obtained from the cylindrical surface of column. the result is as following : for 40cr and 38crmoal, a mt < az mq < a s < a p + f ; for gcrlssimn, a mt < a annea < s < a p + f ; and a increased with the increasing of frequency

    在保證試樣形狀、尺寸、表面光潔度、系統參數設置、施加在探頭上的壓力以及耦合層厚度等測試條件一致的情況下,利用棒材圓柱面測衰減系數法,分別測定並比較上述不同熱處理試樣相對衰減系數的變化情況,得到的實驗結果是:對於40cr及38crmoal鋼, _ (低溫回火) (淬火) _ (高溫回火) _ (正火) ;對于gcr15simn鋼, _ (低溫回火) _ (退火) _ (高溫回火) _ (正火) ;且隨著頻率的提高,衰減系數均呈現增加的趨勢。
  5. But after az killed and animated him, everything changed