b and t中文意思是什麼

b and t解釋
B and T,〈美俚〉熏肉番茄三明治(=B. T. )。

  • b:
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。

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  1. You are good at this b and e thing, aren ' t you

  2. During the analysis of innovative leapfrogging, based on the description and remark on the leapfrogging model of brezs, e. - krugman. p. - - tsiddon, d., the paper puts forward one expanded model, which makes the exogenous technology in the b - k - t model endogenous and shows the function principle and the possibility of backward countries leapfrogging by achieving new technology through input of their own research and development. thereby the model is more comprehensive and more elucidative

    論文對每一種蛙跳型式的動力及其運行機理進行了闡釋,如對創新型的蛙跳模型進行評述的基礎上,提出了一個擴張型模型,把b ? k ? t模型中的外生技術進行了內生化,揭示了后發國通過自身r & d投入獲取新技術的條件下蛙跳的可能性及機理,從而使模型更具包容性和現實解釋力。
  3. All is a tumor in which immature white blood cells that normally develop into immune system cells, called b or t lymphocytes, instead multiply rapidly and overwhelm the normal blood cells the body needs to survive

    All是一種惡性腫瘤,在正常情況下應分化為免疫系統細胞( b細胞和t淋巴細胞)的未成熟白細胞停止分化,並快速異常增值,使得血液中機體賴以生存的正常血細胞的數目急劇減少。
  4. A s t he main c ontent o f a r esearch p reject funded b y t he national natural science foundation of china ( nsfc ), the dissertation studied many aspects on construction industry, and delivered the following results : 1. the dissertation firstly makes a theoretical analysis on the general rule of construction growth, followed by an empirical test on the data of 34 countries in different development stages. this cross - sectional analysis and regression model investigate the relationship between the share of construction value - added ( cva ) in gross domestic product ( gdp ) and gdp per capita

    在對建築業的成長一般規律進行理論分析的基礎上,利用34個處于不同發展時期國家的橫斷面數據,回歸模擬出建築業增加值在gdp中所佔比重與人均gdp的關系,結果發現:建築業增加值在gdp中的比重隨人均gdp增長而呈現三次曲線關系,先上升,後下降,然後隨人均gdp增長還有可能繼續上升;第一次達到的正常情況頂點位置的產值比重(產業增加值gdp )為7 . 28 ,中國建築業正處在向這一頂點攀升的過程中。
  5. At last, the t - b zier curves and t - b - spline curves can be converted to rational curves so easily that they can be merged into current geometry modeling rapidly