b complex中文意思是什麼

b complex解釋

  • b:
  • complex: adj 1 復雜的,錯綜的。2 合成的,綜合的;【化學】絡合的。3 【語法】復合的;含有從屬子句的。n 1 復...

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  1. Good sources of vitamin b complex include grain products, meats and vegetables

  2. Rich in calcium, protein, vitamin d and vitamin b complex, best for teeth and bones

    含豐富鈣質、蛋白質、維生素d及多種維生素b ,保持牙齒及骨骼健康
  3. [ font = tahoma ] [ size = 3 ] [ color = darkslategray ] [ b ] you can ' t get people excited unless you can help them see and feel the impact. and how you do that ? is a complex question

  4. The extension of the amos for the backup air traffic control complex amos - b was delivered to hong kong in early august

    為后備航空交通管制大樓而擴展的機場氣象觀測系統amos - b已於八月初運到。
  5. Ll b - complex : assists cell formation and promotes cell longevity