n. 名詞 〈口語〉商業學校(=business school). -er 商業學校學生。

  • b:
  • school: n 1 學校;〈美國〉(大學的)學部,學院;學系;校舍;講堂,教室。2 研究所,訓練所,養成所。3 〈不...


  1. Adopts " the sixteen personality factor questionnaires ", ( 16pf, b. b. cattell ), takes a sample with the second high school in nanning, the high school in hechi prefecture of guangxi, separately, students carry on creativity and personality test of factor investigate and relatively study to ethnic minority, to find out at present canning reflect student creativity horizontal and personal trait of state

    採用卡特爾( b . b . cattell )的十六人格因素量表,分別在廣西河池地區高中與南寧市二中取樣,對少數民族高中學生進行創造力與人格因素的測驗調查及比較研究,找出目前能體現學生創造性水平狀況的人格特質。
  2. B implementing the recommendations in the quality school education report no. 7 to set up school executive committees with elected members representing teachers, parents and alumni

  3. Took up gymnastics in wuhan spare - time sports school in 1985. switched to diving before being selected as a member of the hubei provincial diving team in 1987. stood 1. 37m and aged 12, she won the platform event of group b in the national junior competition in 1990

    1985年進入武漢市體校體操班,后轉項學跳水, 1987年被選入湖北跳水隊, 1990年,年僅12歲,身高僅1米37的她在全國少年賽上獲乙組跳臺跳水冠軍,賽后被選入國家跳水集訓隊。
  4. While young teches weighing b school against immediate opportunity might logically question the value of an m. b. a., placement officials and corporate hiring chiefs say demand for the credential is as robust as ever, in high technology as well as consulting and finance. “ it ' s a great market for m

  5. The introduced learning disability evaluation scale ( school version ) was developed by ed dr. stephen b. mccarney

    引進的《學習障礙評價量表》 (學校版)由美國教育博士stephenb . mecarney1996年修訂完成。