1. We use juxtaposition to denote conjunction, ab means both a and b.

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      2提出了一個演算法把ctl在有界語義下滿足性的檢測規約到一個qbf quantified boolean formulas問題的滿足性的判定上,同時證明了演算法的正確性。
    3. Subject title means the competence to be adscription of legal rights and responsibilities, and has shown an emphasis on the factor of reason since modern times begun. “ b rgerliches gesetzbuch ( abr. as bgb in following text ) ” created the word “ rechtsfaehigkeit ” to take the place of “ personalite ” to meet the requirement of formation. and the non - ethical rechtsfaehigkeit became then the token of civil subject in code

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    5. Akkadian was written with the cuneiform writing system, on clay tablets, and was in use from the beginning to about 750 b. c