baby bond中文意思是什麼

baby bond解釋

  • baby: n 1 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。2 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。3 〈常作定語...
  • bond: n 1 結合(物),結合力,黏合(劑),聯結。2 束縛,羈絆; 〈pl 〉 拘束;鐐,銬。3 契約,契約義務,...

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  2. Press release : hkma urges adb to develop the bond markets in asia

  3. For a good bond, an adhesive must counteract the effect of surface roughness and boundary layers.

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  5. The horses, which had been unharnessed and fed, were again attached to the scarlet machine. tess, having quickly eaten her own meal, beckoned to her eldest sister to come and take away the baby, fastened her dress, put on the buff gloves again, and stooped anew to draw a bond from the last completed sheaf for the tying of the next