baby carrier中文意思是什麼

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  • baby: n 1 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。2 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。3 〈常作定語...
  • carrier: n 1 運送人,搬夫;負荷者;使役,〈美國〉信差,郵遞員;送報人;〈英國〉運輸行,運輸業者。2 傳書鴿...

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  1. The progress of research on labeling of aberrant cell tissue by fluorescent probe or by connecting with biologically active carrier is reviewed

  2. Science considers to make clear, the baby is to comparative to outside information of acumen, acceptance rate is quite rapid also

  3. Acyclic carrier function

  4. Different from detecting space of land - based radar which has relative unchangabledetection space, aew radar ’ s detecting space changes with the carrier ' s patrol line. what ’ smore, because of both movements of carrier and targets, aew radar will detect targets whichwere out of its coverage

  5. They should be carried in the rear of the car lying down in a carrycot or infant carrier if the baby is smaller and less than 9 months across the car with their heads in the middle of the car