baby farm中文意思是什麼

baby farm解釋

  • baby: n 1 嬰兒,赤子,奶娃娃。2 孩子氣的人;幼小動物;小東西,一個集體[家庭]中最年幼的人。3 〈常作定語...
  • farm: n 1 農場,農莊;農田;農場住宅,農家。2 飼養場,畜牧場。3 〈美國〉別墅。4 【英史】地租;出租田地...
  1. With its anti - acarid and deodorization, it helps baby keep good sleeping posture, contribute to baby ' s head shape

  2. Park manager marlo acock said the farm - bred gobblers are overweight and less hardy than their wild counterparts, and do not live long after the pardon

  3. Can my baby acquire immunity if he she receives some doses of dtwp opv and some doses of dtap - ipv vaccines ? will there be any adverse effects from such a programme

    以新舊兩種疫苗dtap - ipv及dtwp opv完成接種能否為幼兒帶來有效的保護此接種方法會否引起不良效果
  4. The farm has 200 acres under wheat.

  5. Much afterbirth embryo bears, every bear a baby more, increase maternity leave 15 days