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  1. The experiment uses adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin as material to understand its mating system through the research of ecology and genetics

  2. Study on the determination of bacterial endotoxin in oxaliplatin for injection using tachypleus amebocyte lysate

  3. Under mixed culturing conditions, it was observed that bacterial number rapidly incre ; ised soon after the lysing of host cells. on the contrary, while the non - host cyanobacterium ( i. e. anabaena flos - aquae ) was incubated in the mix culturing system, the breeding of the bacteria could be inhibited. it may be suggested from the result above that cyanophage could bring about the changes in microorganism populations

    調查結果顯示, 19個採集的水樣中有6個含有裂解織線藻的噬藻體,而且水樣未經濃縮即能裂解宿主,說明噬藻體在淡水中分佈較廣泛,裂解性也較強;混合培養條件下的研究結果表明,噬藻體裂解宿主后,細菌數量快速增加,而當培養系統中有非宿主藻類存在時,細菌的增殖則受到非宿主藻的抑制,說明噬藻體可以顯著改變系統中微生物的種群結構。
  4. In fact, all life during the more than one billion years of the archaean was bacterial

  5. Provides a range of notes including landmarks, basic terms and rules, chromosomes and genes, population genetics, viral and bacterial genetics, and plant genetics