bacteriological warfare中文意思是什麼

bacteriological warfare解釋

  • bacteriological: adj. 細菌學(上)的;使用細菌的。
  • warfare: n 戰爭,戰爭狀態[行為],斗爭;沖突;軍事行為。 the science of warfare 戰爭科學,戰術(學)。 chem...

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  1. I had worked under him during the war on a leader cable scheme and antisubmarine warfare.

  2. Based on the real situation of submarine and antisubmarine warfare ( asw ), according to the classical design theory of transducer or transducer array, a sonar will be researched and made, which has the feature of more wider bandwidth, more lower operating frequency, more lager radiation acoustic power, more farther operating distance, more higher researching efficiency and more higher directive accuracy

    本文根據現代潛戰和反潛戰( asw )的實際情況,按照經典的換能器和基陣的設計理論,研製聲吶,旨在擴展其頻帶寬度、降低其工作頻率、增大其發射功率、擴大其作用距離以及提高其搜索效率和定向準確度。
  3. Laboratory animal - bacteriological monitoring - collection of specimens

  4. Laboratory animal - bacteriological monitoring - staining media and reagents

  5. Protocol for the prohibition of the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and of bacteriological methods of warfare, geneva, 17. 6. 1925