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  • bacterium: n. (pl. bacteria ) 細菌〈單數不常用〉。

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  1. But so far, there have not report about forest soil microbe and soil enzymatic activity in westen sichuan. the study ' s object is bitch forest. spruce forest, fir forest, chrysanthemum alp, willow community and two couch grass, so the research of the soil microorganisma, soil enzymatic activity in the subalpine coniferous forests in western sichuan is significant to china. the result shows that : 1. in the soil, the relativity of the soil microbial puantity is very prominence, the relation with the quantity of the soil microorganism is that : bacillus > actinomyceto > fungi ; the amount of the microorganism of physiological group sequence ranging from high to low is : aminate > bacteriumazotobacter > denitrify bacterium > nitrobacteria > cellulose decomposing bacteria. under the different vegetable community, the microbial quantity is that : s5 > s7 > s6 > s1 > s2 > s4 > s3

    其中,各群落中土壤微生物總數以白樺純林( s5 )群落最多,每克干土中的含菌量達66 . 13 10 ~ 6個;其次是冷杉針葉林( s7 )群落,每克干土中的含菌量達43 . 41 10 ~ 6個:第三是雲杉針葉林( s6 )群落,每克干土中的含菌量達42 . 85 10 ~ 6個;第四是繡線菊-茅草群落( s1 ) ,每克干土中的含菌量達33 . 83 10 ~ 6個;第五是高山柳群落( s2 ) 、茅草( s4 )群落,每克干土中的含菌量分別為33 . 33 10 ~ 6個和33 . 08 10 ~ 6個;第六是茅草群落( s3 ) ,土壤微生物數量最少每克干土中的含菌量僅為23 . 12 10 ~ 6個。
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  4. Bacteroid a modified bacterial cell in a root nodule, typically a cell of the bacterium rhizobium in the root nudule of a leguminous plant ( family fabaceae )

    類細菌:在根瘤中經過修飾的細菌細胞,比較典型的是在豆科植物根瘤中的根瘤菌(蝶形花科) 。
  5. Bacterium of positive of orchid family name has common remove from office : bacili of grape coccus, streptococcic, pneumonic diplococcus, anthrax, diphtheria bacili, tetanic bacili ; bacterium of negative of orchid family name has common remove from office dysenteric bacili, typhoid bacillus, coliform organisms, be out of shape bacillus, green pus bacili, whooping cough bacili, choleraic vibrio reachs meningitis diplococcus to wait