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  • badge: BADGE = Base Air Defense Ground Environment 【美空軍】基地防空地面警備系統。n. 1. 徽章,像章,獎章。2. 標記;象徵。
  • punch: n 1 潘趣〈英國木偶戲 Punch and Judy 中的主角,背駝,鼻長而鉤, Judy 是他的妻子,時常和他吵架〉。2...

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  1. The big irishman with the immigration badge looked at him.

  2. Hereupon punch costello dinged with his fist upon the board and would sing a bawdy catch staboo stabella about a wench that was put in pod of a jolly swashbuckler in almany which he did now attack : the first three months she was not well, staboo, when here nurse quigley from the door angerly bid them hist ye should shame you nor was it not meet as she remembered them being her mind was to have all orderly against lord andrew came for because she was jealous that not gasteful turmoil might shorten the honour of her guard

    此時,潘趣科斯特洛砰然以拳擊桌,唱起淫狠小調斯塔布斯塔布拉,謂醉漢使阿爾馬尼58一少女有了身孕雲,並徑自吆喝道:頭三個月身上不舒服,斯塔布。護士奎格利遂從門口怒吼曰: 「不害臊嗎!
  3. Nc turret punch press machines, nc benders, shearing machine

    Nc六角鍛壓機, nc彎曲器,剪床
  4. Bloom in red fez, cadi s dress coat with broad green sash, wearing a false badge of the legion of honour, picks up the card hastily and offers it

  5. The set is identified as grenadiers, which is confirmed by the triple - flame grenade badge on the men ' s shako and cartridge box, and the tall plume