badr eddin mohamed ahmed soleiman中文意思是什麼

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  1. Injuries to bolo zenden and mohamed sissoko, the two men able to cover for gerrard on the right and in the centre of midfield, have made it impossible for benitez to even contemplate easing his player ' s workload

  2. That ' s the great ahmed khan. he ' s their leader

  3. Man1 : you ' re from kuwait, ahmed, aren ' t you

  4. Ahmed abdul - satar, who said he was the soldier ' s brother - in - law, recounted a frantic scene from the kidnapping, with the women of the family screaming and begging the gunmen not to take taei. the military ' s fraternization policies prohibit

  5. Juventus have turned their attention to signing mohamed sissoko of liverpool after missing out on torsten frings