baffled port中文意思是什麼

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  • baffled: 帶有擋板的
  • port: n 1 港;港口;〈比喻〉避難港;避難所,休息處。2 (特指有海關的)港市;輸入港;通商口岸。3 機場,...

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  1. Where, by a peril insured against, the voyage is interrupted at an intermediate port or place, under such circumstances as, apart from any special stipulation in the contract of affreightment, to justify the master in landing and re - shipping the goods or other movables, or in transshipping them, and sending them on to their destination, the liability of the insurer continues notwithstanding the landing or transshipment

  2. The new code baffled the enemy agents.

  3. Physically, she far excelled me : she was handsome ; she was vigorous. in her animal spirits there was an affluence of life and certainty of flow, such as excited my wonder, while it baffled my comprehension. i could talk a while when the evening commenced, but the first gush of vivacity and fluency gone, i was fain to sit on a stool at diana s feet, to rest my head on her knee, and listen alternately to her and mary, while they sounded thoroughly the topic on which i had but touched

  4. Aport on the st lawrence river in quebec. it is said that when one alights on this port, they are stepping from france into canada

  5. Situated on one of the islands in the azores archipelago, this was an obligatory port of call from the 15th century until the advent of the steamship in the 19th century