baking finish中文意思是什麼

baking finish解釋

  • baking: n. 烘烤(麵包等),焙烘。adj. 烘烤的,灼熱的。 baking heat 炎熱。
  • finish: vt 1 完畢,完成,結束;使…畢業,使…卒業。2 磨光,【機械工程】給…拋光;給…最後加工;潤飾,修整,整...

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  1. Aiken bacon was baking bacon. the bacon he was baking was bought in macon. so he was making baked macon bacon

  2. Have no time for finish his cup, monk yue - chu saluted to shi yuan - de with fists holding in front of his chest, then to disembark from the tern, avoid meeting the “ mangy dog ”, and went to neighboring village to spend the night at another familiar almsgiver

    悅楚和尚來不及將碗中酒喝乾,乘宵禁時間未到,對施元德把手一拱,從船尾上岸,避開「癩皮狗」 ,徑向近村熟識的施主家借宿去了。
  3. France lesaffre group company is one of the world famous multinational, who is founded 1853 that 150 years before and now is in the leadership in world yeast area, the yeast and baking ameliorant and extract yeast are the 1st in the world, and the malt is the 3rd in the world

  4. In designing analogic circuit, we adopt programmable filter max262 to meet the system ' s command. after the step, we can make the signal ' s frequency width is wider and noise level is lower. to make the signal ' s amplitude to meet the analogic to digital device ' s command, we adopt the max551 to finish the gain control

    在模擬電路部分,採用可編程濾波器max262 ,這樣就滿足了該數據採集裝置所採集的信號的頻率范圍較寬以及具有較低的噪聲水平的要求,為了使采樣到的信號的幅度滿足後面a d轉換器的要求,採用max551對采樣到的信號進行調理(增益控制) 。
  5. Beijing huatianyijia wooden industry ltd. co, be special field fabrication the organism ' s habits producing international tidal current, environmental protection baking finish top grade move decoration face plies such as door plank, door board, cupboard door plank