ball-controlling play中文意思是什麼

ball-controlling play解釋

  • ball: n 鮑爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 球;球狀物。2 球戲,(特指)棒球;【棒球】壞球 (opp strike) 3 【軍事】子彈...
  • play: vi 1 玩,玩耍,游戲;閑逛;〈方言〉罷工 (opp work); (動物)跳來跳去,飛來飛去,翩翩飛舞。2 (...

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  1. Tell you, in fact, with the spring boxing gloves, oh, yes although boxing gloves, good to practice, the same can be used to attempt to play the ball game ejection oh

  2. Aii right, everybody, iook sharp. break ! - let ' s play some ball

  3. What would a dog say if it could talk ? " stranger ", " fight ", " walk ", " alone ", " ball " and " play ", according to scientists who have developed a computer programme to translate dog barks

    如果一隻狗會說話, ?會說甚麼?據已研發出可翻譯狗吠聲電腦程式的科學家說, ?會說陌生人、打架、走路、單獨、球和玩。
  4. The methods that keep the ball in play are simple, but elusive until you uncover them for yourself

  5. The other outs will come from a strike outs, and the fewer chances an opponent has to put the ball in play, the more outs a pitcher will record