bangladesh chemical industries corp中文意思是什麼

bangladesh chemical industries corp解釋

  • bangladesh: n. 孟加拉國〈亞洲〉。n. -deshi 孟加拉人。
  • chemical: adj 化學的,化學作用的;應用化學的,用化學方法獲得的。n 〈常 pl 〉化學製品;藥品。 fine chemicals...
  • industries: 國際烘烤食品工業協會
  • corp: 科爾普

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  1. Exposure to this atmospheric pollutant usually occurs in industrial situations and in the chemical industries.

  2. It is applied in the liquid condensation in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industries, and the evaporating strength is generally 50

    適用於制藥食品化工等行業對料液的濃縮,蒸發強度一般在5060kg m
  3. Wuhan antai chemical industries co., ltd. ( aci ) has been granted by the chinese government a state “ 863 ” project - preparation of nanometer scale polyacrylic acid based emulsions for high performance water - base wood coatings

  4. It is also applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, building material, chemical industries to handle bulk materials

  5. It is applied to vacuum package for various foods and industrial products in whole, grain or liquid state, in the areas of food, medicine and chemical industries