bao-steel technology中文意思是什麼

bao-steel technology解釋

  • bao: 巴奧
  • steel: n 1 鋼,鋼鐵。2 鋼製品;刀,劍,打火鐮;(女人胸衣等中的)松緊鋼條[絲];鋼磨;〈美國〉剃刀,小刀...
  • technology: n. 1. 技術,工程,工藝。2. 製造學,工藝學。3. 術語(匯編)。

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  1. Hoop - stove chimney in the bao - steel incorporated company steel pipe factory regarded as the specifiable object the paper makes systemic studies including investigation and inspection of the reinforced concrete chimney and reliable assess method. some studies performed and results achieved mainly include : synthetical investigation method of the reinforced concrete chimney usage condition is put forward and real usage condition of the hoop - stove chimney in the bao - steel incorporated company steel pipe factory is handled by means of entirely investigation and inspection ; the mostly reason for impairment and defect of chimney locating in steel pipe factory hoop stove is revealed through result analysis of investigation and inspection ; to meet practical requirements that corporations manage industrial building all alone the paper presents condition appraisal method on reliability of the reinforced concrete chimney and assesses the reliability of hoop - stove chimney in the bao - steel incorporated company steel pipe factory

  2. By exporting, angang can positively participate the world iron and steel competition, promote the import of the iron and steel technology and equipments, enhance entire level of angang iron and steel products, speed up the process of angang building itself to be the world first class iron and steel enterprise

  3. This type of air - cooling inner - furnace high - temperature monitor system has already been in uaed in shanghai bao steel and many power plants at home and abroad

  4. Porcelain on - steel - technology

  5. A vocabulary learning questionnaire was administered to 71 students at baotou university of iron & steel technology