1. Little chang bao disguised herself as a boy.

    2. This article is mainly an analysis and discussion of melody and poetry of the divertimento ji xian bin of 《 tian bao yi shi 》 from 《 comprehensive notation for southern and northern ci - poetry 》

    3. Problems in hepatitis outpatient service in bao shan area and the relined reform

    4. The company main product includes : the oak school absorption of shock series, is hanging the hydraulic pressure series, the bushing, the engine support and so on ; is suitable the vehicle type : reynold, the big space, are beautiful, asia, populace austria enlightens, toyota, the valuable horse, ma zida, the nepali mulberry, ou bao, runs quickly, mitsubishi, the modern age and other ; the company produces the type many, productivity high, the quality is superior ; in order to guarantee the product quality, the large amount of money has introduced the world most advanced production equipment and the check - out facility ; and aimed at the company concrete condition to carry on large - scale technical, the craft, the equipment and the flow transformation, truly achieved take the customer demand as the center, carried on the fine profit production according to the customer request, entrusted with the customer by this to be stronger, the sustainable competitive advantage ; the company already has established the stable long - term cooperation relations with the overseas many enterprises and the dealer, the product sale network cover various countries, and unceasingly attracts the more and more many overseas customer

    5. Through investigation on the residential outdoor environment of urban in the corridor of the huang he westerm, making use of the method of architecture plan and environment psychological, after the theory of climate and people ' s sense perception -, behavior research, give some new method of the residential outdoor environment of urban in the corridor of the huang he westerm. at last, i selected the residential outdoor environment in the bao lin residence of jin chang city to be my research project and give some useful subjects to improve the residence ' s outdoor environment

      本文通過對河西走廊地區若干小區居住外環境的調查,運用建築計劃學與環境心理學的研究方法進行分析,在對氣候設計理論與人的行為理論研究分析的基礎上,應用較完善的居住外環境設計理論體系,提出符合河西走廊地區城市居住外環境設計的一些新思路,並應用研究結論對本人工作中的典型實例? ?金昌市把寶林里小區進行分析,並提出具體的改進建議。