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  • basic: adj 1 基礎的,基本的,根本的。2 【化學】堿性的,堿式的。3 【礦物】基性的,含少量硅酸的。4 【軍事...
  • command: vt 1 命令,指令;指揮,統率(軍隊等)。2 左右,支配,控制,管理,掌握。3 自由使用。4 博得,得到(...
  • post: n 1 (被指定的)地位,崗位;職位,職守。2 【軍事】哨所,站;哨兵警戒區;〈轉義〉哨兵,衛兵。3 基...

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  1. Artillery command post, please.

  2. The two departments worked independently and took instructions from the rear command post

  3. Task, you will only have a relatively basic, command line driven system

  4. According to resisting and unite working out, kim il sung successive camp, regiment, shi zhengwei, two, five armies unite the command post political commissar and concurrently commandant of river army of reed, three two armies division ( 1936 year, second armies weave jointly no. army from one at one army where yang jingyus leads, these teacher designations change into six division of ) teacher, command resist and unite and teach and for a camp of battalion commanders a no. of army two army groups

    按抗聯編制,金日成歷任營、團、師政委,二、五軍聯合指揮部政委兼葦河部隊司令員,二軍三師( 1936年,二軍與楊靖宇領導的一軍合編為第一路軍,該師番號改為六師)師長,一路軍二方面軍指揮,抗聯教導旅(蘇聯遠東方面軍步兵八十八旅)一營營長。
  5. The dark - skinned, black - haired navajo code talker, huddled over a portable radio or field phone in a regimental, divisional or corps command post, translating a message into navajo as he reads it to his counterpart on the receiving end miles away, has been a familiar sight in the pacific battle zone