倒相式揚聲器箱 低音反音箱

  • bass: n 【音樂】1 男低音;低音奏唱者。2 低音部。3 低音樂器。adj 低音的。n (pl bass(es)) 【魚類】歐...


  1. The ultimate result was that he joined the choir as a bass voice.

  2. You gotta talk from your nuts, man. more bass

  3. Randel kirsch, who plays bass for the beach boys family and friends, had watched the entire concert

  4. The instruments they play are the most popular and used in all these celtic countries, as well as other instruments from all around the world : from traditional multidrone asturian bagpipes, to irish flutes, asturian hand percussions, or the accordion, but also the acoustic guitars, bouzouki, bass guitar, voices and drums

    他們所使用的樂器既有來自那些凱爾特國家最流行、使用范圍最廣的的樂器,如傳統的阿斯圖里亞斯風笛(多低音) ,愛爾蘭長笛,阿斯圖里亞斯手鼓和手風琴,又有哪些來自於世界各地的其他樂器,如吉他,希臘曼陀琳(一種琴) ,貝斯,混音器和架子鼓。
  5. It was anybody s race then the rank outsider drew to the fore got long lead, beating lord howard de walden s chestnut colt and mr w. bass s bay filly sceptre on a 2 1 2 mile course. winner trained by braine so that lenehan s version of the business was all pure buncombe

    隨后這匹沒有獲勝希望的「黑馬」竟沖向前去,遙遙領先在二英里半的賽程中,擊敗了霍華德德沃爾登勛爵的栗色公馬和w .巴斯先生的赤褐毛小母馬。