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  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。

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  1. Then had come the great battles of the artillery.

  2. On august 13, 1937, the japanese initiated the first major battles of the second world war with an all - out attack on shanghai, china ' s great seaport city

    1937年8月13日,日軍發動了第一次主要的「二戰」的戰斗? ?襲擊中國重要的港口城市上海。
  3. Scaling the impregnable " atlantic wall, " constructed by the germans, turns out to be one of the most difficult and costly battles of world war ii

    盟軍全力出擊,誓要攻下德軍固若金湯的"大西洋城墻" .法國迪耶普之戰
  4. Because the enemy is still exploiting his strength and retains strategic superiority and strategic initiative, and therefore, unless we fight campaigns and battles of annihilation, we cannot effectively and speedily reduce his strength and break his superiority and initiative

  5. Glide side - by - side with a graceful giant manta ray as it arches and swoops through water sparkling under the hot baja california sun. witness the pageant of migrating whales, the elaborate tango of courting terns as well as the battles of lumbering elephant seals. fly over sweeping vistas of snow - capped mountains, vast deserts, palm oases, and mangrove swamps - then plunge into astonishing underwater sequences of rarely seen marine life