become sworn brothers中文意思是什麼

become sworn brothers解釋

  • become: vi (became; become)1 變成,成為,轉為,變得〈後接名詞、形容詞和分詞等述語〉。 He has become a s...
  • sworn: adj 盟誓的。 sworn brothers 結拜弟兄;死黨。 sworn friends 莫逆(朋友)。 sworn enemies [foes] 死...
  • brothers: 布拉澤斯

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  1. Some people seemed to believe that with the abolition of the emperor, china had become a democratic country and that hence forth everything would take its proper course.

  2. It was very slow at 5 but become higher above 25. the enzyme from abomasums used in cheese production was rough extracts containing chymosin and pepsin. through the gel filtration chromatography and ion exchange chromatogra

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  3. Wang xiaoshi had once benefited from the kindness of the head of the golden wind and drizzling rain building su mengzhen, and had become sworn brothers with both su and his deputy

  4. Truly my brothers shall ye become

  5. After many successful video seminars over the last several years, our los angeles brothers and sisters have become used to rapid and efficient setup and cleanup operations, and everything went off without a hitch