beneficium of priority中文意思是什麼

beneficium of priority解釋

  • beneficium: 利益, 恩惠
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • priority: n. 1. (時間、順序上的)先,前。2. 較重要;上席;上位;重點,優先(權);先取權。3. 優先配給;優先考慮的事。

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  1. Reality and ideality of priority in china

  2. The foregoing provision is to be understood in an unrestricted sense, in particular, in the sense that patents applied for during the period of priority are independent, both as regards the grounds for nullity and forfeiture, and as regards their normal duration

  3. In this increasingly global business world, many corporations are finding the subject of “ managing cultural differences ”, an area of priority for their diverse expatriate staff

    在今天這個日益環球化的商業環境,妥善處理來自不同國家員工的「文化差異」 ,已經成為許多公司優先考慮的問題。
  4. Perfecting it should be based on the inspection of international company board director, draw lessons from mature but visible experience and system, choose well and then follow, take the principle of priority and then decide to use it or not, set out from the chinese state of the nation to realize international empirical localization

  5. This order of priority may result in breeding animals failing to maintain themselves.