benzo fast red bl中文意思是什麼

benzo fast red bl解釋

  • benzo: 苯並
  • fast: adj 1 緊 (opp loose), 牢實的,堅牢的,粘得緊的,堅固的;固定的。2 忠實的,可靠的。3 耐久的;不...
  • red: adj (redder reddest)1 紅色的,赤色的。2 赤熱的,(面孔)因…而脹紅的 (with)。3 血腥的,血淋淋...
  • bl: 1 Bachelor of laws 法學士。2 Bachelor of letters (或 literature) 文學學士。3 British library 英...

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  1. Aries favors anything fast, hot and red

  2. Because the red ship is moving so fast, the beam does not appear to go straight up

  3. Theory that is limited to the concept, function and problems of red tourism lags the fast tempo and the research on exploitation of red tourism is still not systemic

  4. The stability good, heat - resisting, the fast light, bears storing, but to oxidant sensitive, the sodium, the potassium, the calcium, the barium, the zinc, the copper and the micro hard ion pair it does not have the influence, but meets the tin to change the rose to be red, meets the lead and the abundant 2 prices iron ion, then discoloration and the precipitation

  5. Lots of bright red rods are seen, particularly in macrophages, in this acid fast stain of lymph node