bes engineering corp中文意思是什麼

bes engineering corp解釋

  • bes: 百世
  • engineering: n. 1. 工程(技術),工程學。2. 開車技術。3. 土木工程,工事。4. 操縱,管理。
  • corp: 科爾普

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  1. 1 academician - chinese academy of engineering

  2. The champion, apex biosystem ltd is a team of two undergraduate business students, daisy chan wing sze and ivan yau ka wai, and a phd student in electrical engineering, scott yuan wu. they won hk 5, 000 and the opportunity to compete with 34 teams from top universities around the world at the moot corp competition to be held at the university of texas at austin in the united states from may 2nd to 5th 2007

    冠軍由兩名工商管理學士綜合課程學生陳詠詩和丘家威,以及電子工程學博士生袁武組成的apex biosystem ltd . ( apex )奪得,他們除可獲得現金獎五千元之外,亦將代表中大於本年五月前往美國德州大學奧斯汀分校參加moot corp創業計劃比賽,與其餘三十四隊來自全球頂尖大學的隊伍較量。
  3. Sharing the advantages with united technologies corp, otis has the most abundant resources in engineering, product testing, purchasing, and marketing and information systems

  4. On the basis of this and taking, ecp isa implement spec, made by microsoft corp. w91284p1c data sheet made by warp nine engineering corp and ieee standard 1284 - 1994 as a reference software in host and peripheral is realized and the communication between peripheral and host is implemented

    在此基礎上,根據microsoft公司的「 ecpisaimplementspec . 」 、 w91284pic數據手冊以及ieee1284 - 1994標準實現了主機端和外設端的軟體,完成了主機和外設的數據通信。
  5. This paper first analyses ieee standard signing method for a bi - directional parallel peripheral interface for personal computer ( simply called ieee std. 1284 - 1994 ). ieee 1284 peripheral interface controller, w91284pic produced by warp nine engineering corp, and ieee 1284 transceiver, sn74lv161284 produced by tl corp are used to realize this kind of standard peripheral interface circuit

    本文首先對" ieeestandardsignalingmethodforabidirectionalparallelperipheralinterfaceforpersonalcomputers " (簡稱ieee1284 - 1994標準)進行了分析,然後採用美國warpnineengineering公司生產的ieee1284外設端接門控制器w91284pic和ti公司生產的ieee1284總線收發器sn74lv161284實現了這種標準的外設端介面電路。