beverage room中文意思是什麼

beverage room解釋

  • beverage: n. 1. 飲料〈除水而外的飲料,如茶、酒、牛奶、汽水等〉。2. 〈英方〉筵宴;餐費,酒費。
  • room: n 1 室,房間。2 場所,席位,位置,地位,空間。3 餘地,餘裕;機會。4 〈pl 〉一套房間;寄宿舍;出租...

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  1. Natalie was visiting aaron at the hospital when the countess barged into the room and introduced herself.

  2. Any food or beverage is prohibited inside the mmcl room

  3. Make daily phone call to supplier. order f & b food and beverage 、 wine base on requesition form for general store room and western 、 chinese kitchen

  4. Yahai hotel is located in the center of science and technology, economy and culture, a tourist hotel with one body of accomodation, food and beverage, tourism, conference, shopping, and recreation. room intro room types : standard room a, standard room b, deluxe single room, deluxe suite, triple suite, vip suite, and business standard room

  5. The seaview house, nautilus - courteous service and chinese regional delicious food. vip rooms - classic service. cafe european, captain s bar, porto room - enjoy super continental food and beverage in a refined setting