bicycle expansion brake中文意思是什麼

bicycle expansion brake解釋

  • bicycle: n 1 自行車,腳踏車〈又名 push bicycle 系對 motor bicycle 而言〉。2 〈美國〉〈卡車駕駛員用語〉機器...
  • expansion: n 1 張開,伸展。2 擴大;擴建;展開;發展。3 廣袤,遼闊。4 擴張物,擴大部分。5 (講題等的)詳述,...
  • brake: n 1 制動器,制動裝置,閘,煞車;〈比喻〉妨礙(因素);(閘式)測功器。2 麻梳,捶麻器;剝(柳條)...

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  1. If you can afford a car then, a fortiori, you can afford a bicycle

  2. The trunnion assembly is supported by air bearings at the end of each arm and is held in position by brake shoes at each bearings.

  3. Gladhands automotive air brake line couplers gladhands

  4. It is dangerous to ride a bicycle along an icy road, so we have to use a brake to slow down the bicycle

  5. Book equipment application in automobile, motorcycle, machinery foundation profession ( such as chain, fastener, bearing, box spanner, tool, special different type nut and flange surface nut, sides nut, welding nut, cover type nut, locknut, defence pine nut, pull hat nut, chain luo pull, expansion gecko, independently axle gear, bicycle different type etc. ) etc. various different type, complex is not mark cold squeeze into type, suitable scope extensive