big country中文意思是什麼

big country解釋

  • big: adj 1 大,巨大;大規模的;已長大的。2 〈口語〉重要的,重大的;偉大的;出名的,極成功的,受歡迎的...
  • country: n 1 國家;國土;(全)國民,民眾。2 本國,祖國;家鄉,故鄉。3 鄉下,農村;土地,地方,地區;領域...

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  1. We can say, china has already become the big country of production of woodworking machinery at present, is paid close attention to by the countries all over the world, its product bases on the demand of processing industry of domestic timber mainly, some products are sold to such countries as asia, africa, europe, north america, middle and southern america, oceania, etc

  2. Unlike every other big country in the world ( and plenty of small ones ), america runs an “ extraterritorial ” tax system

  3. Well, i ' ve got invitation tickets for the preview the american movie " the big country "

    嗯,我這里有幾張電影試映招待卷,是一部美國影片,片名叫做「偉大的國家」 。
  4. At this time wish our motherlands of wishes more prosperity prosperous gradually head into world economy big country

  5. Green design itself is a concept of sustainable development, concentrating on suiting our measures to different conditions in terms of locality and time involved, because china is a big country under developing, different areas have different geological environment, natural resources, economical development, living level and social customs, china should consider the specific characters in different time intervals and specific areas when introducing green architecture