bilateral consultative commission中文意思是什麼

bilateral consultative commission解釋

  • bilateral: adj 1 【動、植】兩側[左右]對稱的。2 兩側的,兩邊的。3 雙方的,雙邊的。4 雙向(作用)的,雙通的;...
  • consultative: adj. 商議的,協商的;咨詢的,顧問的,咨詢機關。 a consultative committee 顧問委員會。
  • commission: n 1 命令,訓令;委任,委託;任務;職權。2 委員,委員會。3 (陸海軍軍官的)任命。4 【商業】代辦,...

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  1. In the second part, the author defined the proper plaintiff and burden of producing evidence thereof by deferent means. in the third part, the author examined the damages and the method of computation therein from the status quo of scholarship. in the last part, this article thought that the limitation of actions should be accounted from dies a quo when the decision on punishment of securities supervision commission is published by the company in punishment or by the commission itself

    關于計算方法,本人認為應以均價法為宜,即證券買入或賣出價格與上市公司對其虛假陳述進行更正之後的10天或從揭露日至該流通股換手率達到100 %之日止的這段時間期限內的平均交易價格之間的差額進行計算,如果原告在上述期限內賣出股票,則按證券賣出的實際價格計算,否則按平均收盤價格計算。
  2. The coronal approach provides wide exposure of surgical field when approaching the bilateral joints and developing the temporalis fascial flap for disc replacement. a case of ankylosing spondylitis with multiple joints ankylosis utilizing coronal approach in replacement of bilateral tmj was reported

  3. If authentic evidence makes clear ( wait according to contract or consultative agreement ) the advertisement fee that the company pays actually, its corresponding concerned advertisement service will be in future is obtained inside a few financial year, criterion this period the advertisement fee that pays actually should regard imprest zhang as the paragraph, inside each financial year that accepts advertisement service, agree according to bilateral contract or agreement each period the scale that accepts advertisement service in installment plan enter increase and decrease

  4. To diagnose the large difference in the bilateral trade statistics by china and the united states and the large us trade deficit against china under us statistics, the us side agreed to a proposal made by china in 1994 on establishing a bilateral trade statistics expert group under the sino - us joint commission on commerce and trade to undertake special studies of the subject

    為了弄清楚中美兩國貿易統計差異過大及美國貿易統計反映的對華貿易逆差過大的原因, 1994年,美方同意中方倡儀,在中美商貿聯委會下成立雙邊貿易統計小組,進行專題研究。
  5. He served on the hong kong stock exchange council from 1993 to 1997, the hong kong clearing company from 1995 to 1997 and was a member of the unit trust committee of the securities and futures commission, a member of the cash market consultative panel and the listing committee of the hong kong exchanges and clearing limited over the past years

    雷賢達曾是香港聯合交易所理事( 1993 1997 ) 、香港結算公司董事( 1995 1997 ) 、香港交易及結算所有限公司現貨市場諮詢小組委員及上市委員會委員、證監會單位信託委員會委員。