billiard congress of america中文意思是什麼

billiard congress of america解釋

  • billiard: adj 臺球(用)的〈僅作修飾語〉。 a billiard cue (臺球)球棒。 a billiard marker (臺球)記分員。...
  • congress: n. 1. (代表)大會。2. 國會;國會會期;〈C-〉美國國會。3. 集會,交際;社交。4. 協會。5. 群。vi. 開會,集合。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • america: n. 1. 美洲。2. 美國。3. 〈pl. 〉南北美洲,西半球。

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  2. Much of america was rooting for us.

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  4. Peiss, kathy. hope in a jar : the making of america ' s beauty culture. 1998

    《瓶中願:美國美容文化的形成》 1998
  5. Though it is arguably the job of congress, not the supreme court, to worry about the competitiveness of america ' s capital markets, that was clearly on the minds of the majority of the justices, who observed that, had they favoured the investors, “ overseas firms with no other exposure to our securities laws could be deterred from doing business here. . this, in turn, may raise the cost of being a publicly traded company under our law and shift securities offerings away from domestic capital markets

    雖然可以抗辯說擔心美國資本市場競爭力是國會的責任,不是最高法院的職責,且大部分大法官也是清楚地知道這點的,但是他們知道若是他們支持投資者,則「沒有其他渠道接觸本國證券法的海外公司可能會止步…而這反過來會增加公司在本國法下公開上市交易的成本而使證券發行逃離本國資本市場。 」