bio oxidation中文意思是什麼

bio oxidation解釋

  • bio: n. = biography. n. 個人經歷,個人歷史。
  • oxidation: n. 【化學】氧化(作用),正化。

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  1. Process of acetaldehyde wastewater treatment by alcohol oxidation

  2. The effect on technically treating hospital sewage by hydrolytic acidification - contact oxidation

  3. Air electrode is one of the most important components in zinc - air cell. the main effect factors on performance of air electrode are catalysts ’ oxidation and deoxidization capability and structure of oxygen electrode

  4. Depending on the powerful r d ability of the rcees - cas in technology. we have many advanced technologies in water purification, waste water treatment and water reclamation, for example : physic - chemical / bio - chemical integration technique, photo - catalysis - oxidation technique, membrane distillation concentration technique and so on

  5. Nano bio - chemical technology : with nano bio - chemical technology, the super fine nourish factor can effectively and quickly penetrate into deep skin, highly resist oxidation, prevent allergy, eliminate yellowish complexion, leave skin moisturized and healthy