biogenetic derivation中文意思是什麼

biogenetic derivation解釋

  • biogenetic: 生物成因的
  • derivation: n. 1. 引出,導出。2. 出處,由來,起源。3. 【語言學】詞源;派生。4. 衍生;衍生物。

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  1. Then h is generated by b. ( 6 ) derfh = adh ( h + fh ) ( addi ) 3vi 1 ), ( 7 ) let gs be the derivation algebra of lie superalgebra 5 on f and charf = 3

    ( 5 )設,則h由集合b生成( 6 )其中h型模李超代數的導子代數的維數為( 7 )設g _ s是f上的李超代數s的導子代數
  2. But in the forepassed research, the people all abstracted the colloid in the water as the sphericity and explained it by the known theory of the colloid chemistry. moreover some people modified the result by the grain coefficient in the derivation of theory. but this assume had more difference on the observed phenomena in the experiment, so it was not perfect in theoretical speaking

  3. Derivation of a formula for calculating the critical radius of a spherical liquid droplet and its analysis

  4. Our derivation of the chain rule contains one flaw.

  5. De wiest criticized jacob's derivation and exposition.