• biotin: n. 【生物化學】生物素,促生素,酵母生長素,維生素H。
  • labeled: 標記的,示蹤的


  1. 6. oocytes were fixed for immunofluorescence. examination of cgs and microtubules were performed by fitc labeled lens culinaris agglutinin ( lca ) and and - fi - tubulin under confocal scanning laser microscopy ( cslm ) respectively

    利用直接免疫熒光染色和共聚焦顯微鏡( confocalscan muglasermicroscopy , cslm ) ,研究各組體夕成熟卵的皮質顆粒和微管
  2. Labeled avidin biotin method, lab method

  3. It is involved in the synthesis of biotin

  4. Burley found labeled glucose and fructose in equimolar amounts.

  5. The author reviewed the detection measures of prunus necrotic ringspot virus, and related the research progression of the pathogen detection technology inside and outside. the template amplication technology include pcr assays ^ nasba and so on. the cdna and crna probe which labeled with the isotope % biotin or dig, the offset probe and the peptide probe can be applied to magnify the signal. pcr - gene scan assays and pcr agilent chip chamber combine the template amplication and the signal magnification

    本文回顧了李壞死環斑病毒的檢測方法,較全面地評述了國內外病原物檢測技術研究進展:在模板的擴增有各種pcr技術、 nasba技術;在信號的放大有同位素、生物素或dig標記的cdna和crna探針,分支探針和肽核酸探針;模板擴增和信號放大相結合的有pcr -基因掃描技術、 pcr安捷倫晶元實驗室技術;模板擴增和雜交以及信號放大相結合的有pcr - elisa技術、實時熒光pcr技術、生物晶元技術。