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birth cohort analysis解釋

  • birth: n. 1. 出生,誕生;生產,分娩。2. 出身,家系;血統;門第,家世。3. 起源,開始。4. 〈古語〉產物,產兒。
  • cohort: n. 1. (古羅馬的)步兵大隊(300-600人)。2. 〈常 pl. 〉軍隊;一群,隊 (of)。3. 【生物學】區,股。4. 助手;同伴;共犯,同謀者;追隨者。
  • analysis: n. (pl. -ses )1. 分解,分析;【數學】解析。2. 梗概,要略。3. 〈美國〉用精神分析法治療(= psychoanalysis)。

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  1. Firstly, the concepts actuality, development is expatiated, and development of mis is tamper with enterprise, the point is necessary that the research and exploration of materials mis through analyzing and confirming about function, communication performance, coding and etc. to suggest the advice of new system after finding problems and shortcoming in the old system, and some requirements and require about new system have been discussed. to compare busywork manner and effects of operation flow in existense and in the future through particular analysis o f three operation flow, the one of the important production in this dissertation is that giving birth to mew mis " advantage through comparing each other

  2. The analysis of birth defect in 12375 perinatal fetus

  3. In - depth analysis on birth charts

  4. In all, 63 were diagnosed with schizophrenia and other spectrum disorders. the 122 controls were matched members of the birth cohort without such a diagnosis

  5. When the birth cohort of 1980 - 2000 entering into the marriage market, the " surplus " male population is above 20 million, which account for 10 % of the same birth cohort

    當1980 - 2000年的出生隊列步入婚姻市場時,男性「過剩」人口在2000萬以上,占該時期出生男性的10 %以上。